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I was not a member back at the RS2 days
This occurred to me in RS3 back and this happens to millions of mobile-gamers every day. Daily activities are a cheap RuneScape gold method of driving the"engagement" of players with RuneScape through the roof with no really playing RuneScape. It is great for your company, those players pay without believing because they perform every day. Those distractions out of the monotonous grind can be great if done right. But they need to be made in a manner that doesn't make them daily tasks, but legitimate distractions fr om the typical thing. Clue scrolls are a wonderful illustration on how to take action at a fairly nice way imo.

When I read the name I initially thought you were talking about the ent random occasions which could break your axe while woodcutting and did not understand why anybody would want that back. But in the pic and comments, you're clearly not referring to that. I'm not familiar with evil trees, what are they? I was not a member back at the RS2 days so I am assuming it is content that I've never noticed before as a result.Jagex began introducing (randomly?) Of skilling activities throughout the 8, timed spawns. Every so often an evil tree like this would spawn in one of several possible places and players functioned as a group to burn and cut it down, gaining rewards (experience, seeds, etc) for doing so. The Mining version of this was a crashed star. Many people are not a fan of these because it continued RS down a course of"required" time-based activities (to be the most effective in attaining XP), such as"dailys."

How did wicked trees work? I dont remember these, were they like the bursting rocks or tree spirits that violate your tools? No they were trees that could randomly spawn around the world and based on the tier of tree (willow, yew, magical etc) they provide adequate xp per cut and you get a larger xp drop once it's dead if I recall. I believe that you could do 3 a day perhaps? I am not sure but there was definitely a lim it that made them a day.

There was normal,walnut, walnut,yew and magical I'm pretty sure. You can chop the roots to find kindling, this would be burnt for firemaking xp and kill the shrub a very small bit quicker... you could easily solo a standard or walnut but magics required for example 5 or 6 players. You'd 20 minutes. They inserted nurturing a baby tree for farming xp. This has the additional impact of being 1st on the scene. I am pretty sure they spawned each hour just but in just half of the worlds per world it had been every 2. You could do 3 a day in 99 but may have been less for lower levels. This is by memory however.

As long as it is not capped at a daily sum, and happens more frequently than once every day (rather the trees spawn like superiour slayer creatures to buy osrs gold safe but cam be fought in classes ). RS3 began to suck because I needed to plan my days around warbands to perform, and also to optimally train hunter, divination and dungeoneering I needed to play with for a specific time and only for 30 minutes (big chin, caches and sinkholes). Compare that to bird snare searching, which I can do anytime for any number of times every day.
Страницы: 1
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